Monday, August 6, 2012

SSPC 2012: Clovers Part A (aka Clover Shorts)

This is just a quick post, I'll give more details when I finally make the pants (hopefully starting them tomorrow evening!) These are the Colette Clovers, modified to have a front zip fly and shortened - I think I gave them a 4" inseam? They also have cuffs, sewn separately and attached so the shorts are permanently cuffed.

Fabric: Navy blue fine line twill, 100% cotton, from Fashion Fabrics Club. I was quite happy with this fabric, I bought it to make these as a hopefully wearable pair but knowing they could possibly be an unwearable draft. They have several different fabrics labeled as "fine line twill," so I'm sure others are different, but this was a lightweight, smooth cotton fabric. It was nice to sew with, and when I've worn the shorts, they haven't gotten wrinkly and they're comfortable and cool (temperature-wise).

(Side note: I did the zipper so poorly that they don't stay zipped up on their own and require a safety pin. Long shirts are also necessary.)