Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

It would really help if I had my camera charger, but it hasn't been unpacked or come across so far...

Since it's Father's Day, I'll share a pic of my dad and I:

This was in Virginia (actually, I think this picture was in North Carolina in the Outer Banks somewhere) when my parents came to visit me one time while my husband was out to sea or somewhere not in Virginia for whatever reason a few years ago.

I thought we were done with this being apart business, but he just got back from a 3-week training during which he was gone all week for each of those three. Oh well, I'm used to it, and he's back now so it's all good. I'm getting my office set up and trying to find time to sew... Hopefully I find that charger soon! I can't take any pics right now due to a dead/almost dead battery. Boo.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How's the Weather?

I'm still busy unpacking and getting settled into the house, and my camera hasn't been used in quite a while (so no updates to share). I remembered that I had some old pictures that I uploaded to my computer a while back but never put up here, though. The weather here in Sonoma county has been a little confused... we're getting rain, and quite a bit of it, during the first week of June. JUNE, people - I like the rain, but I also like my garden, and the sad little plants would like some sun.

That being said, I recently pulled back out a hat that I thought was in storage for summer (ha), and it's actually one I made for our Tahoe trip way back at the beginning of the year. I used the Pretty Puffs slouchy hat pattern (on Ravelry here). Ignore the weird look on my face - I have a bad habit of making super dorky faces in front of the camera, but by myself and with the timer I apparently make sad and/or angry looking faces. But the hat looks cuter from the front than the back, so I had to show my face. All of which reminds me of this post by Moorea.

So, the hat:

Voila. It's comfy and I like the fact that I made it myself. :)