Friday, September 28, 2012

Pattern Pyramid Giveaway!

The Pattern Pyramid has landed in California! I wanted to map out where the patterns I received have been so far, and look, there are fancy maps and everything: EDIT: There were supposed to be fancy maps. They aren't working like they were supposed to (one isn't even a map?). If I can get it to work there will be a map post to follow!

The idea of the pattern pyramid (started by the lovely Karen) is to pass a bunch of sewing patterns around the world! The rules are as such:
  • To enter, comment on this post between now and Saturday, October 6 at midnight PST. Open to anyone with an active blog - make sure it's included when you comment. Winner will be randomly selected by Monday, October 8.
  • The winner gets to pick one pattern to keep for him/herself and host a giveaway for the rest!
  • If you do win, please consider making a donation to The Brooke, a charity close to the heart of Catherine, who so generously provided these patterns.

Now the details:

My Pattern Pyramid Parcel had 5 patterns plus a Burda magazine. The hardest part of all this is choosing just one to keep - it has really brought out my inner greedy pattern hoarder! But I have decided to keep the Burda - and to pass it on sometime next year. TJ, the first recipient of this round of patterns, suggested making up your pattern during the giveaway period and passing it on - I do not have the time to do that right now, but I agree with the sentiment. Instead of giving in to that inner hoarder, I'll use it and pass it on - recorded here for accountability! I'm also adding in 3 vintage patterns that I recently picked up at a thrift store.

The Patterns

Butterick 6965 - 1950's
This one is new to the pyramid - Roobeedoo added it in hopes that it will be made and worn in a warmer climate than Scotland!

Simplicity 3385 - 1960's

Polynesian 181 - 1970's

Burda 7694 - recent

Vogue 1046 - Anna Sui - 2008

Simplicity 7672 - 1976
This is for a jacket, pants, and - wait for it - "pantskirt"! I think the jacket is great, though - look at that interesting detailing on the back.

Simplicity 4076 - 1952(ish)
This is for "girls' tap dance trunks, blouse, and skating outfit" - really, how could I pass this up? Even if just for the drawings on the envelope.

McCall's 7990 - 1982
Misses' Ballet Costumes - Halloween maybe? This was another one I just couldn't pass up.

Plus, you get your very own Pattern Pyramid label to sew into whatever you make! Good luck!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Two Types of Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I love making ice cream because I get to mix up my own flavors. Over the summer, I made two types of ice cream.

The first: Candied Cherry Ice Cream with Fudge Ripple. My recipes come from the book The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. This started out as his "Toasted Almond and Candied Cherry Ice Cream," but when I started to make the ice cream I realized I didn't have almonds. So it's basically a simple ice cream base with some almond extract added. To make the candied cherries, you basically just cook down pitted cherries in water and sugar. I chose this recipe because cherries were in season. I added the fudge ripple because I didn't have the almonds! It was fun to make, and certainly stayed gooey and smooth even in the freezer.

The second one I made was White Chocolate Macadamia Oatmeal Praline Ice Cream. I was thinking of white chocolate chip macadamia cookies, but went with an oatmeal praline for the cookie part instead of plain cookie dough. I really liked the contrast of the ever-so-slightly-bitter praline with the (too) sweet white chocolate. I wouldn't make the white chocolate ice cream on it's own, and in fact would probably cut back the amount of white chocolate that went into the ice cream. It took 2 full bars (8 oz); I'm not really a white chocolate fan to begin with. I did like this ice cream with the add-ins, though. But it was super rich, so I could only eat a small scoop at a time without feeling sick - good portion control, I guess!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - Phonograph Cylinder

This post is part of Thrift Share Monday - you should check it out if you like thrifting or just looking at unique items people have found. Today I have a fun find to share! A while back, I was browsing through the Goodwill website and saw a bunch of phonograph cylinders listed from one of the local stores. I thought I bid on one or two of them, but apparently I didn't click through to confirm or I'm just going crazy. So after I saw they'd all been sold, I was looking through the website again and saw one last cylinder for sale, bid on it, and bought it. (Fun fact: I am having an extremely difficult time typing "phonograph" without a "y" at the end. I think my muscles think they're typing "photography"?)

I love it. It's an Edison Blue Amerberol cylinder with a recording of "Only a Pansy Blossom," which is a waltz, I believe. This was released in 1913 - it's almost 100 years old, folks. It's blue and awesome looking and currently lives in our living room. I should have opened up the tube to show you the actual blue cylinder inside... Maybe I'll post a photo to Instagram (which I am on now, by the way, evidence in the sidebar).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Working on Projects

For those who've been following the Pattern Pyramid, started by Karen at Did You Make That? - I won a round! More info to follow, and my first ever giveaway! :)

Other than that, I've been working on things but have nothing to show for it. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes isn't it?

One thing that's been taking my time is an intro to HTML and CSS class. I've been making a website about my sewing (what else?), so in a way I feel like I've been blogging and documenting my process. But none of that is showing up over here! And I don't necessarily want it to, it's a lot of filler so I can test out coding and whatnot.

I've been documenting my main autumn projects. One of those is finally finishing my drapes -- which I started way back in June! There are three windows in our living room that needed drapes, two of which are very small and only needed one panel each. I got the curtains for those two sewn up and realized that the remaining fabric wouldn't be enough for the fullness I wanted on the largest window (2 panels). So I waited for a coupon and finally ordered one more length of the fabric. I've since sewn up a wide panel and hung it the other night....

You may have noticed the completely uneven bottom hem? I'm not sure if that was due to uneven hemming or uneven folding of the header, but something is clearly not right! I'll have to unpick and resew that bottom hem (MUCH easier than re-doing the header).