Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sound and Silence

Another day at home, still sick... Not much happening, but I'm listening to Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong, which is my most favorite Christmas album right now.

I was flipping through the December copy of Real Simple, and found this wonderful photo by Nicholas McElroy. You can see it here, about halfway down the page. It just has such a feeling of quiet; he says, "I just couldn't resist jumping out to experience the sense of total silence you get in such a remote location."

Also in Real Simple: This hazelnut ganache tart, which makes me hungry. I LOVE hazelnut + chocolate. Recipe & photo via Real Simple.

Now, this is the type of thing I think I need to eat when I'm not feeling well.


  1. Yum! I also love chocolate and hazelnut. That looks amazing!

  2. I actually made this for Christmas - there were some issues with my hazelnuts (don't ever buy them with shells on!), and it didn't taste as hazelnut-y as I'd hoped, but I still really enjoyed eating it. :)