Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

It would really help if I had my camera charger, but it hasn't been unpacked or come across so far...

Since it's Father's Day, I'll share a pic of my dad and I:

This was in Virginia (actually, I think this picture was in North Carolina in the Outer Banks somewhere) when my parents came to visit me one time while my husband was out to sea or somewhere not in Virginia for whatever reason a few years ago.

I thought we were done with this being apart business, but he just got back from a 3-week training during which he was gone all week for each of those three. Oh well, I'm used to it, and he's back now so it's all good. I'm getting my office set up and trying to find time to sew... Hopefully I find that charger soon! I can't take any pics right now due to a dead/almost dead battery. Boo.

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