Friday, May 11, 2012

Notes to self: Fitting

I meant to put this in my original Pastille post, but seeing as how I forgot and it was a wordy enough post on its own, I'll put it in here. I mentioned some of these things, but I want to very clearly document fitting notes and future changes so that I can easily find them if/when I make a pattern again. Or for reference on similar patterns. I could write them down somewhere, but chances are I'd lose them. Blogs really are handy as notebooks.

Pastille Dress

  • Back bodice is too long
  • Waistline on front bodice needs to be raised a smidge outside of the darts
  • Skirt could still be straightened a bit - near the middle it still rounds out too much
  • Sleeves - didn't mark changes on pattern piece, so try to trace dress or just re-do them (or remove them)
  • Check waist length between front bodice and front skirt - it didn't seem to match up, probably forgot to adjust skirt waist after altering bodice


  • Make back bodice one piece and move zipper to side, add width to seam allowances for lapped zipper
  • Sleeveless or draft separate cap sleeves
  • Lace insertion at hem instead of pleats
  • Do the bow
Also, things I learned or tried:

Thread tracing
Using lace hem tape
Prick stitching, lapped zipper
Hand-stitched understitching on facings
Several certainly-not-textbook fiddlings to get those sleeves to lay right without unpicking everything...

And here's a close up of the fabric I used (in TWO colorways!) just because:

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