Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My "Gardening" 2012

I use the term "gardening" loosely, since we didn't plant a garden this year. Our yard just needed too much work and we had too little time to make it happen. I do have plants, however, and in the spirit of Gayla's "Herbaria" posts all summer (which are completely inspiring, take a look!), I decided to photograph what I had a few weeks ago.

Row by row, left to right:
  • Japanese maple - my grandma grows them and I have a tiny little tree.
  • Hydrangea - my grandma took a slip from some hydrangea plants that were part of our wedding 7 years ago and gave me the plant this year - I love how the pink flowers fade and the green color on the back.
  • Snapdragon - this is a tough plant, I've had this one for a few years and it's withstood quite a bit of neglect, vacations, etc.
  • Rose - I was going to pull this rosebush out, so I cut it back as far as I could early in spring. I never got around to pulling it, and it apparently quite liked the severe pruning.
  • Little white flower - I don't actually know what this is. But the plants in 3 pots on my back deck all died for no good reason… except this plant.
  • Rose - I have another rose bush by one of our windows - aren't they pretty when the new growth is still that burgundy color?
  • Blackberries - These aren't actually my plant and I don't want them, but they grow up over (and under, and through) our fence from our neighbor's yard.
  • Geranium - Another pretty tough plant, it shares a container with the snapdragon.
  • Peach leaves - Also not my plant; our neighbors have a peach tree that hangs over our fence. The leaves are already changing color (and were as of early September).

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