Friday, November 23, 2012

Felt Christmas Trees

My last sewing project for myself was the Truffle dress from the Colette Handbook. I had high hopes for it, had somewhere to wear it and everything, and just could not get it finished in time. My husband's birthday is less than a week after mine, so we had a quick overnight trip planned down to Berkeley to see the Delfeayo Marsalis Octect playing Such Sweet Thunder. I wanted to wear my dress that night, and was up late (WAY too late) trying to get it done but realized near the end that a) I was too tired to do things nicely and in the morning that b) I still needed to wash out the stabilizer I'd used all over the fabric. So it has yet to be completed - I needed a break from it, but there's really hardly anything left to do.

I HAVE completed this project, though! A friend of ours asked me to make this felt tree for their kids, and I made a few extra to hopefully sell online or at a craft fair I'm taking part in on December 1st.

They were fun and easy to make. I considered adding decorations (stripes, polka-dots, two-tone sections) to the ornaments but I didn't want to have any issues with them separating if they get chewed on or pulled at too much. The tree is about 45" tall, perfect to pin or stick up on a wall for the kids to play with. There are a few versions of these floating around online; this is just my take on it.

For anyone in the Santa Rosa area, here's the flyer for the craft show I mentioned:

If you're out shopping that Saturday, stop by!

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