Saturday, January 31, 2009

Settling In

Welcome to my nest! I chose a title that felt cozy, homey, and safe to me - just like the items and projects I plan to post. As I nestle into this little cyber-nest, I'm working on building something with all the little "twigs" of things that I like.

In honor of the name I chose, I thought my first post should be about the plethora of nest items I have found. I have had to work hard to narrow these down, because I found so many! *Note: These are all from Etsy. I love Etsy!

Naturalist Dream No. 1, from Beetle and Bloom

Contains a real nest! This makes me want to build shadow boxes and fill them with all sorts of natural curiosities.

Nestbuilders - Papercut Print from Fog and Thistle

I like the theme, I like papercutting recently, and the colors are nice, too!

Blue by The Art of Whimsy Photography

Blue Bird Nest Soap Set from LoveLee Soaps

How cute-funny are these?

Nests fabric from Pippijoe

I like fabric. This one is nice and simple, I'd like it as a lining on a purse or something.

White Nest Eggs de Leaf 2 pendant from NatureAutumn

Simple but interesting.

Watching Over by Hadley Hutton

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