Sunday, February 1, 2009


I just found out Domino is closing! So sad. My brother bought me the Domino book for Christmas, and I was so happy to discover that the book comes with a year's subscription to the magazine. Today, however, I realized that my subscription to Domino will never get fulfilled.

In honor of Domino's departure, these are a few images from a recent feature they had on the White House:

The Lincoln Bedroom - Apparently, Mary Lincoln bought this bed, but President Lincoln refused to sleep in it due to its extravagant price during wartime. The room was put into a room that has since been called the Lincoln Bedroom, and it has gone through various forms.

1945-1953: Truman 1961-1963: Kennedy 1969-1974: Nixon

1974-1977: Ford 1993-2001: Clinton 2001-2008: George W. Bush

I was going to post a few more pictures of other rooms, but I just got my first CA subbing job! So, I'm off to print a few emergency worksheets (let's hope I don't need them!) and then get to bed.


  1. Why the Clinton bedroom is different than others? Maybe just vision.

  2. I had just subscribed with my free subscription from the book. I got February and my March magazines, and that's it. So sad!!! The crazy things is that people are selling their issues on eBay for big bucks! I saw one for $100+. Isn't that madness?