Monday, May 17, 2010

Adding Details

This weekend was nice and productive! I didn't have plans over the weekend (for the first time in a while), which gave me time to just work on things around home. The bookcase is completely built and in place, it has books on it, things are getting put into their "real" places around the apartment, and I even got to buy some new fabric. We've had our main furniture set up (ie, couch and TV) but the dining table is in the middle of our main space, sort of between the living room space/dining room space, and not much decorating has gone on around here. I'm almost done putting everything into the bookcase; the last step is some fabric boxes to store some loose odds and ends. I made one box tonight, and I have everything ready to get the other three done. This is the fabric:

It was kind of a last-minute decision, but I really like it. I tend to spend WAY too long shopping for everything, and this was no exception. I was in a hurry to meet my parents at Starbucks, though, and I had to just pick something. Worked out well!

Tonight was the first time I'd used my sewing machine in about a year and half - it felt good! I've been using my mom's machine, but even then it's been a few months since I've sewn anything. More projects are on my mind to work on soon - we'll see when they happen... Hopefully the boxes will be finished tomorrow. They're adding some nice color to our beige-y living room.

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