Monday, May 10, 2010

Settling In

I have several WIP's going on right now, and I keep thinking about (and planning) more. We're still settling in to our apartment and trying to find places to put everything is still a challenge! Right now, my biggest project is a bookcase. We sold ours before we put everything into storage two years ago, and when we found the apartment a few months ago, I started looking for replacements. Bookcases are expensive!

Then one day, I came across Knock-Off Wood. It is one of my new favorite sites! Ana builds furniture, provides free plans, lives in Alaska (my birthplace!) and is generally just awesome. I'm working on this. When it's finished (someday) I'll get some photo evidence.

In other news, we watched Iron Man on Friday night and went to see Iron Man 2 on Saturday. Liked them both!

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