Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pink Jersey Maxi Skirt

Way back when, I mentioned this skirt I was going to make. I did finish making it, and I've worn it a few times, but only recently got pictures and only even more recently put said pictures on the computer. All that to say, here it is:

I haven't been exactly sure how to style it, and honestly it's not my favorite thing. I did like this outfit, though. I think the issue is that I didn't make it wide enough. It's a super simple skirt, with two layers (joined at the top as if you were seaming two pieces into one big one), just one seam up the back and elastic at the waist. I think I may try to refashion it into something shorter with more fullness. It's comfortable, though, and I may try something similar in the future. Also, I created a funny little fishtail train thing at the back, because I sort of angled out the seam (if you can make it out through the blurriness):

I didn't exactly mean to do that but didn't think about how the fabric would drape when put together like that. I don't really mind it, though. Anyways, there's proof that I DID finish things from my autumn challenge!

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