Monday, September 17, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - Phonograph Cylinder

This post is part of Thrift Share Monday - you should check it out if you like thrifting or just looking at unique items people have found. Today I have a fun find to share! A while back, I was browsing through the Goodwill website and saw a bunch of phonograph cylinders listed from one of the local stores. I thought I bid on one or two of them, but apparently I didn't click through to confirm or I'm just going crazy. So after I saw they'd all been sold, I was looking through the website again and saw one last cylinder for sale, bid on it, and bought it. (Fun fact: I am having an extremely difficult time typing "phonograph" without a "y" at the end. I think my muscles think they're typing "photography"?)

I love it. It's an Edison Blue Amerberol cylinder with a recording of "Only a Pansy Blossom," which is a waltz, I believe. This was released in 1913 - it's almost 100 years old, folks. It's blue and awesome looking and currently lives in our living room. I should have opened up the tube to show you the actual blue cylinder inside... Maybe I'll post a photo to Instagram (which I am on now, by the way, evidence in the sidebar).


  1. That is a very interesting piece, and a great conversation starter! It is nice to have pieces of history in your home :)
    Your curtains look wonderful too, btw!

  2. Exactly - I love having pieces of history around!

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