Sunday, September 16, 2012

Working on Projects

For those who've been following the Pattern Pyramid, started by Karen at Did You Make That? - I won a round! More info to follow, and my first ever giveaway! :)

Other than that, I've been working on things but have nothing to show for it. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes isn't it?

One thing that's been taking my time is an intro to HTML and CSS class. I've been making a website about my sewing (what else?), so in a way I feel like I've been blogging and documenting my process. But none of that is showing up over here! And I don't necessarily want it to, it's a lot of filler so I can test out coding and whatnot.

I've been documenting my main autumn projects. One of those is finally finishing my drapes -- which I started way back in June! There are three windows in our living room that needed drapes, two of which are very small and only needed one panel each. I got the curtains for those two sewn up and realized that the remaining fabric wouldn't be enough for the fullness I wanted on the largest window (2 panels). So I waited for a coupon and finally ordered one more length of the fabric. I've since sewn up a wide panel and hung it the other night....

You may have noticed the completely uneven bottom hem? I'm not sure if that was due to uneven hemming or uneven folding of the header, but something is clearly not right! I'll have to unpick and resew that bottom hem (MUCH easier than re-doing the header).

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