Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Four Ice Creams I Want to Try

I am an indecisive person. I like to take my time, think things through, etc. etc. and it can take forever. I mean, I can usually just pick something and go with it, but it's not my natural way of doing things.

I love ice cream and got an ice cream maker for Christmas. So now I have a decision to make: What ice cream should I try first???

I started looking for recipes to try for breaking in the new toy, and I found far too many choices just by looking at three websites plus one recipe I bookmarked months ago. There's the choice between keeping it simple or going all out and using ingredients that require me to cook and prepare before I even pull out the contraption. I've decided simple is probably better to start with. I believe I have narrowed it down to four choices that I think all look delicious:

Double cookie dough ice cream - Recipe at Annie's Eats - this is the one I had bookmarked, because even though I didn't have an ice cream maker at the time it made me make plans to get one...

Honey ice cream - Recipe at Orangette - I need some better honey anyways (there are some great local ones that are SOOOO much better than the little bear from the grocery store...); what better way to use it than in ice cream?

Vanilla bean ice cream - Tartelette or David Lebovitz - Another excuse to buy a new ingredient; I don't have any vanilla beans on hand and a Penzey's just opened near here that I haven't gone into yet... Plus, the Tartelette version mentions cinnamon ice cream as well. Which I have to try at some point. And Penzey's also has cinnamon.

Salted butter caramel ice cream - Recipe by David Lebovitz - OK, this one isn't as simple as the others, but it sounds Wonderful (yes, with a capital W).

There are many others on the list to try in the future. When strawberries are in season, I'm def making strawberry, for example. I'd love to find a recipe for lavender ice cream, too; a local ice cream shop makes one and it's so good.

We leave for vacation in two days, so that buys me some extra time to think about this... Opinions? 


  1. I am going to have to go with that last one. I mean the rest of the options can be bought in a store, but I have never SEEN that one. and it sounds AMAZING!

  2. You have a good point! One of the things I'm most excited about the ice cream maker is that I can make flavors that I can't buy!