Friday, September 2, 2011

Autumn Color

I have color on my mind lately - Colette Patterns is having a Fall Palette Challenge and Rachel of Stitched in Color is hosting "Celebrate Color." They're a little different from one another, but both have gotten me thinking about colors for fall. I've noticed that I gravitate towards different colors at different times... almost like personal trends, in a way. I'll end up with several items in different shades of the same color without even thinking about it.

The colors I keep finding myself interested in lately aren't necessarily traditional "fall" colors, but I think they do remind me of fall in a way. They're earthy and grounded. They're deeper and work differently off of each other than the brighter colors of summer.

So, all thing considered, here is my palette and a bit of an inspiration board:

Fall Palette Inspiration 2011

Plaid and tweed + florals? Yes please. To be realistic, I'm going to plan on three items to complete: a reverse-applique rose swing skirt from the Alabama Stitch Book in navy and white, a plaid tunic/shirtdress (using the Lisette Traveler dress pattern) in loden plaid, and a scarf. I would LIKE to make the new Peony dress from Colette in a solid with a patterned belt, and I'm planning to make a tweed version of the Cynthia Rowley jacket from Simplicity 2443 at some point, and I would also really really like a jersey maxi skirt. Those shoes will be bought at some point in the (hopefully near) future.

The skirt is one thing that I've actually started. And I have fabric for a scarf - a couple of scarves, actually. I also have three dresses that I made and wore in Europe but need to be altered. The Traveler dress is one of them - I only halfway made a muslin, so I didn't realize quite how LARGE it ran. I'd like to use the pattern to make a shorter flannel version, more of a tunic than a dress. The "want" list is probably too ambitious to get done, but I'm certainly thinking about them a lot lately.

Can't wait to see what other people are doing!


  1. I love those colors... something about the richness and depth makes them really autumn-appropriate even if they're not the typical red/brown/gold tones. I also adore that Cynthia Rowley jacket, but I'm still a little intimidated about making jackets/coats.

  2. I know what you mean - I'm very intimidated about the jacket! I figure that it's a pretty simple style though (no collar, no extra plackets, etc) and I'd probably even leave off the pockets and such... I want to practice sleeves a little more before I tackle it though. :)

    Also, I love that floral trim you used on your Rooibos! Those little details that only you know about make me smile.