Friday, February 13, 2009


While I was looking up all sorts of "Nest" goodness, I kept running across nesting dolls, or matryoshka. These have always been fascinating to me; the smaller they get, the better. Turns out they're a pretty popular icon! I tried to find out what the biggest one ever was, and I think it was a 72-piece Matryoshka, seen below:

Isn't that crazy big?

Like I said, there are matryoshka everywhere. Here are some of my favorites:

This necklace with a tiny doll accent:
"MY LITTLE BABUSHKA" Locket Necklace
(these are also sometimes called Babushka, but apparently that's not
correct terminology... but I'm no expert, so whatever)

I love these. Wouldn't they be a great accent to a dressing table? I'd love to have a big closet that could be a dressing room, with a little vanity and big mirrors... But these are a realistic compromise:

Matryoshka dolls in fun, modern colors and designs:
And last, but not least, this print:

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  1. I love nesting dolls! That necklace is SO cute! And the lingerie ones are adorable. Check out these ones-- they crack me up>