Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sewing: "Gadget" cases and rice pillow

Today I made a case for my cell phone and my iPod. The outside is brown corduroy, and the inside is a brown and coral patterned fabric. I've tried to make a little fabric case for my phone before, but I made it way too small. I just didn't figure out the measurements and gave up after two tries. Today, I thought I may have done the same thing - close, but a little too small, but it worked out almost perfectly. My phone is now snug as a bug. :) On the other hand, I DID make the holder for my iPod too small, so it's more like an iPod wrap than an iPod case.

The lining is something I've used before. It happens to be the back of my "warm." (Warms care of Blair at Wisecraft.) I found the front fabric at Aubergine (which I was tempted to go into after Heidi talked about it here); I went in to look around and found this little mini-runner thing. It's brown with a tan edging, and sweet coral and white embroidery. I found a 99-cent fat quarter at Joann that matched the coral, and voila - my warm. I highly recommed them for chilly toes on chilly nights.

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