Friday, September 28, 2012

Pattern Pyramid Giveaway!

The Pattern Pyramid has landed in California! I wanted to map out where the patterns I received have been so far, and look, there are fancy maps and everything: EDIT: There were supposed to be fancy maps. They aren't working like they were supposed to (one isn't even a map?). If I can get it to work there will be a map post to follow!

The idea of the pattern pyramid (started by the lovely Karen) is to pass a bunch of sewing patterns around the world! The rules are as such:
  • To enter, comment on this post between now and Saturday, October 6 at midnight PST. Open to anyone with an active blog - make sure it's included when you comment. Winner will be randomly selected by Monday, October 8.
  • The winner gets to pick one pattern to keep for him/herself and host a giveaway for the rest!
  • If you do win, please consider making a donation to The Brooke, a charity close to the heart of Catherine, who so generously provided these patterns.

Now the details:

My Pattern Pyramid Parcel had 5 patterns plus a Burda magazine. The hardest part of all this is choosing just one to keep - it has really brought out my inner greedy pattern hoarder! But I have decided to keep the Burda - and to pass it on sometime next year. TJ, the first recipient of this round of patterns, suggested making up your pattern during the giveaway period and passing it on - I do not have the time to do that right now, but I agree with the sentiment. Instead of giving in to that inner hoarder, I'll use it and pass it on - recorded here for accountability! I'm also adding in 3 vintage patterns that I recently picked up at a thrift store.

The Patterns

Butterick 6965 - 1950's
This one is new to the pyramid - Roobeedoo added it in hopes that it will be made and worn in a warmer climate than Scotland!

Simplicity 3385 - 1960's

Polynesian 181 - 1970's

Burda 7694 - recent

Vogue 1046 - Anna Sui - 2008

Simplicity 7672 - 1976
This is for a jacket, pants, and - wait for it - "pantskirt"! I think the jacket is great, though - look at that interesting detailing on the back.

Simplicity 4076 - 1952(ish)
This is for "girls' tap dance trunks, blouse, and skating outfit" - really, how could I pass this up? Even if just for the drawings on the envelope.

McCall's 7990 - 1982
Misses' Ballet Costumes - Halloween maybe? This was another one I just couldn't pass up.

Plus, you get your very own Pattern Pyramid label to sew into whatever you make! Good luck!


  1. Lucky you to win a pyramid round - I would love to win! That little vintage blouse is just perfect!

  2. Oh, wow! This is a trove of great patterns!

  3. ooo i hadnt realised it is still going on! count me in :P

  4. Me too, some fabulous patterns here, please count me in too,

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  6. Lovely patterns! Particularly gorgeous blouse from Roobeedoo!

  7. Yay Pattern Pyramid! Please enter me--I'd love to participate.

    MadeByTrisha [at] gmail [dot] com

  8. Oh, oh, oh! Count me in! I took part in the 'Run for the Cure' in Calgary this weekend to benefit Breast Cancer and I noticed a lot of ladies wearing pink tutus - next year I will be wearing a tutu - so this giveaway looks most promising!

  9. They are all so great! What a hard decision :) I would love to win them though :)

  10. Oooh awesome patterns!!! I've been following this pyramid from the beginning and keep crossing my fingers i'll get to play soon! ^__^ Please do count me in for the draw! ^___^

  11. Great patterns! I blog at

  12. Ooh, please can I enter too?

  13. I'll definitely throw my hat into the ring :) Some gorgeous patterns there!!

  14. Please count me in! I am an ex-ice skater so I would love the pattern for the skating dress!!

  15. Oh, these are all so tempting!!

  16. Great bunch of patterns - that blazer with the back pintucks is so fab! Love your blog - I'm a Californian sew/cook/yarn/hope-it-works too! ;)

  17. oh! would love to be a part of this- love that jacket!

  18. Please count me in. There's a couple there I wouldn't mind having... and lord knows I've got some to pass on!!

  19. I don't know what to choose, I think I could do something to that Polynesian number!